Become an Affiliate

Hey there queen!

The East Wing is the new talk of the town and we need your help to spread it even further! Of course, there are benefits to being an East Wing affiliate!

As an affiliate, you will be able to create your own discount code for 10% off to use and to share with friends and family! For every referral, you will receive 5% commission from the total order!

Just to walk you through some of the really cool features and what to expect:

  1. You are able to customize your referral code. You'll also be able to copy your link to share. Through your link, the referral is automatic.
  2. You can select how you want to get paid. Paypal, venmo, cash app, or store gift card. You will set your preferred methods when you create your account.
  3. Your discount code is for 10% off, and you can use it for your own orders too!
  4. You will receive 5% commission when your link/code is used; however, you will not receive commission on your personal orders. In addition, affiliates cannot receive commission using another affiliates referral.
  5. You can create referral links for specific products. So if someone is asking about where you got the On the Move jogger set, you can send them the link for that product with your referral code already applied. To do so, there's a product search option linked to my store that will generate the link for you.
  6. Inactive referral accounts will be deactivated after 120 days.
However you decide to share this information is up to you.  You may post on social media platforms, place our banner on your blog or website, tag us in your story, good ole' word of mouth - or any way your creative mind can think of!
We will be uploading banners and other creatives that you can access though your account. Feel free to use those, or create your own!

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to