Welcome to The East Wing

Hey fellow bosses!

I am beyond excited to share with the world what I have been working on every second of every day.  Endless hours, early mornings, and nights that never ended have been devoted into making The East Wing everything that it is.  My appreciation and gratitude for all of those that have contributed to making these dreams come true are endless.  The thought of having such an amazing support system and so many people who believe in this vision makes me emotional sometimes.  I couldn't have done it without you.  The East Wing has brought together two of my greatest passions - fashion and self-love! The goal was to create a community that was far greater than clothing, but a way of life.  I envision a community of amazing humans who can connect through positivity.

This is a community for those who are working daily to reach their greatest potential.

This is a community for those battling obstacles that the world knows nothing about, and are aiming to lift their spirits.

This is a community who can visualize their future and are on their way there.

This is a community of boss personalities who want to look like one too.

I can go on forever.

It's more than an outfit. It's a lifestyle.


I will be posting blogs at least bi-weekly to keep you updated on our journey and to share messages of encouragement.  If you would like to be featured on the blog or to write for us, please e-mail kalani@shopeastwing.com to further discuss.  Blogs are not limited to The East Wing, but of self-love and everything we stand for.


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