Can't believe it's been a month!

Hey babes!

So I know I originally intended on posting a new blog every other week - but GOODNESS! Social media management is actually much more time consuming than it sounds.  No complaining, of course - but perhaps that wasn't entirely realistic with all of the other responsibilities that come with a new store launch; however, I do believe I can accomplish anything I decide to so I will better prioritize the blog and begin organizing potential content ideas!

Onto the good stuff -

The first month has been pretty smooth.  The feedback has been phenomenal and I am so excited about it! Every share, comment, mention, review, and just EVERYTHING is so greatly appreciated.  As a new company, it is important to familiarize the public with the name and build a reputation that can be trusted.  The feature for product reviews under each item description has just been added, so if you have purchased - please take a moment to submit your honest review!  In addition, reviews on The East Wing's facebook page are incredibly helpful as well.  Customer reviews and information can contribute to adding comfort and trust to a new potential customer who may be unfamiliar with both myself and the brand, and may be the difference needed to making them an East Wing queen. :)

I am working on adding a ton of new content and concepts to further The East Wing as a community of positivity, and provide a platform of recognition for our everyday queens.  Stay tuned!

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- Kalani




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